In Cànons Clinics have a skin revitalization novel technique that consists of a studied protocol made for biorejuvenating of tissues and especially indicated on the face, neck and chest, but it can also be successfully applied in other parts of the body such as the back of the hands, neck, arms, buttocks, etc…
What is the Facial Mesolifting?

The term Mesolifting corresponds to a set of new techniques of Rejuvenation Medical Aesthetics that permit rejuvenation and reshaping contours of the face by applying sera of nutrition, vitamins, antioxidants, trace elements or hyaluronic acid.

The aim of this therapy is to treat all skin components as the hypodermis, the dermis and the epidermis. It also improves the quality of the skin of the face and also applies in other areas affected by aging, such as the hands, neck and décolleté.

The effect is achieved using medical principles that have proven through small stimuli in the epidermis, favors biological reactions that result in rejuvenation, lightness and compactness of the tissues where these sera nutrients are applied.

Distencion and flattening wrinkles and furrows can be expected, tone the tissues become much brighter so it looks younger looking. So unlike traditional mesotherapy, has a certain filling effect in some depressed areas or affected by the aging process.

What benefits one will of a Facial Mesolifting?
  • Natural remodel of the face.
  • It will correct small facial wrinkles.
  • Prevents sagging or looseness.
  • Makes skin look uniform and bright.
  • Skin hydration from the deeper layers.
In what cases is indicated the Facial Mesolifting?

It is the ideal treatment for people who aspire to renew and enhance their appearance without exaggerating its appearance and also expecting not only optimal aesthetic results, but overall toning, these will be biorevitalise and nutrients can clearly activate without any side effects.

It can be applied in both women and men of all ages, as prevention or in patients with  a more mature age to treat the signs of aging.

What is Facial Mesolifting technique?

The application technique is intradermally Mesolifting which uses a special canula that enters through a microneedle the content of nutrients in sera at specific skin layers which seeks a preventive antiaging effect.

The application of the product can be made in several ways:

  • It can be microinjected directly in every line, can be injected into the entire face, neck and chest in various parts distributing symmetric.
  • We can applied to specific acupuncture points, as we can also make small papula skin anywhere on the face.

The complete application would be performed as a mixture of all these techniques that would lead to excellent results with few sessions.

What will Mesolifting protocol to follow?

A complete treatment cycle involves 3-5 sessions every fortnight or monthly remembering that the number of applications depends on the patient’s condition.

Completed initial phase or shock treatment, is necessary maintenance treatments will have a frequency of a monthly session for patients in need and less demanding enough cases a session every two months.

Is it a safe treatment?
We use products not of animal origin in order to minimize the risk of allergy and completely biodegradable. Therefore, it requires no preliminary test biocompatibility.
Is it compatible with my daily activities?
You can do all your activities of daily living and then, normally, when you finish treatment we’ll use make up techniques so it won’t be evident.
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