In Cànons Clinics, centers specialized in Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery we have a wide variety of effective aesthetic medical treatments that will allow you lessen the signs of aging and continue activities of daily living with all the guarantees of respect and balance between health and beauty.

Stress, poor diet, environmental pollution, solar radiation… are factors that cause an acceleration of the signs of physiological aging on which action can be taken to try and prevent the appearance of pigmentation, wrinkles, skin opacity, acne…

Body Aesthetic Medicine Treatments

Hidratación de manos y escote con ácido hialurónico

Hydration with hyaluronic acid and vitamins hand & neck


Hands & neck rejuvenation with chemical peeling

Láser médico para rejuvenecer manos y escote

Hands & neck rejuvenation with medical laser

Tratamiento para eliminar manchas de la cara y el escote

Removing stains from hands and neck with medical laser

Eliminación de rojeces con láser médico

Skin redness and couperosi removal with medical laser

Eliminar puntos rubí

Ruby point removal with medical laser

Mesoterapia corporal

Body mesotherapy to fight cellulite

Intralipoterapia aqualyx

Intralipotherapy with Aqualyx

Radiofrecuencia corporal

Body firming therapy with EndyMed radiofrequency

Esclerosis química de varices

Chemical sclerosis of varicose veins

Eliminar arañas vasculares de las piernas

Vascular spiders removal with medical laser

Hiperhidrosis corporal

Body hyperhidrosis

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