Body cellulite treatments

In what cases is Body Mesotherapy indicated?

The indications of mesotherapy are many and varied. Perhaps the most common indication for its high incidence is the cellulite especially in women. That means excess of fluid under the skin, in the most superficial areas of adipose tissue.Other indications are improving sagging, as part of treatment protocols and stretch marks, as part of the preparation protocols who have to submit to a body liposculpture

What benefits do you get with Body Mesotherapy?

  • Will reduce cellulite.
  • The volume will reduce localized.
  • Skin Reafirmarás.
  • Diminish the edema and the tendency to retain fluids.
  • Collagen fibers will stimulate tissue.

What products are administered?

Substances that are always used homeopathic products.

Homeopathy, as explained in History of Homeopathy, is to dilute a chemical so often that in the end there is no molecule of the compound in the product and the healing power is attributed to the memory of water.

Mesotherapy involves the application body in small doses to the dermis of homeopathic products without any adverse side effects in order to remove the buildup of fatty tissue, fluids and toxins in the body as well as stimulate collagen.

What does Body Mesotherapy mean?

Body mesotherapy involves the introduction of homeopathic injectable subcutaneously or intradermally. In most cases associated treatments must be performed under a comprehensive, integrated and individualized as protein diet, low calorie diet, exercise, habit correction, etc..

In the case of cellulite, the initial thing is to raise a proper diet to prevent fluid retention in subcutaneous tissue together with dermic infiltration of homeopathic substances for body fluid drainage. All these treatments under strict medical supervision.

The standard protocol comprises about 10 mesotherapy sessions, once a week.

This protocol is associated simultaneously with manual lymphatic drainage sessions.

How long does the Mesotherapy treatments take?

About 15 to 25 minutes.

What do you recommend after each session?

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun’s rays or ultraviolet tanning with at least during the first 45 days after the session. Also, you have to make a home treatment specific to your type of skin depigmentation and epidermal regenerative.

My daily activities will be altered?

Allows resume your normal activities immediately after each session with creams indicated.

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