Chemical Vein Sclerosis

What is the Chemical Vein Sclerosis?

The propose of the chemical vein sclerosis of the lower extremities with intravenous sclerosing substance is to treat the expanded veins that are unesthetical.

In the first visit a complete clinical history is made to the client. In this way we can make a diagnosis if there is a deep vein problem, which may need vascular surgery.

When the aesthetic problem is confirmed, we apply a powerful anesthetic cream that leave working about for 5-10 min., clean up the area  to be treated and the doctor will proceed to inject the sclerosing substance in varicose veins  that we want to delete..

How long does the sessions take?

Sessions can last approximately 30 minutes and is usually performed by medical indication usually weekly or biweekly.

What do you recommend after each session?

Avoid exposing yourself to solar radiation or ultraviolet tanning with at least during the first 45 days after the session. Also, you should follow up with a specific home treatment; wrap vascular compression stockings as directed by your doctor to speed the process of vascular reabsorption.

Can it be used with Vascular Laser?

This treatment is fully compatible with phototherapy Vascular Laser above to remove small spider veins.

My daily activities will be altered?

Allows resume your normal activities immediately after each session without altering its daily rhythm. The only thing that should be avoided is physical exercise.

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