In Cànons Clinics, specialized in Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine has a wide variety of effective facial cosmetic medical treatments that allows you to reduce the signs of aging and continue with the activities of daily living with all the guarantees of respect and balance between health and beauty. We offer both facial appliances and products endorsed by the European Community with all safety guarantees.

Stress, poor diet, environmental pollution, solar radiation … are factors that cause an acceleration of physiological aging signs on which to act to try and prevent the appearance of pigmentation, wrinkles, skin opacity, acne…

Facial rejuvenation with chemical peels
Facial mesotherapy
Therapy with plasma rich in growth factors
Biorejuvenation program with facial mesotherapy
Wrinkle therapy with botulinum toxin type A
Wrinkle facial fillers
Lip augmentation and remodelation
Facial rejuvenation with medical laser
Removing stains and sunspots with medical laser

Therapy for rosacea with medical laser
Ruby point removal with medical laser
Stimulating facial collagen therapy with shock waves
Cosmetic genomic therapy
Therapy with Plasma rich in growth factors
Facial firming therapy with radiofrequency EndyMed
Firming eye therapy with Radio frequency EndyMed
Firming therapy lips with radiofrequency EndyMed
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