Do you’ve always dreamed of having a firm and toned back?

Implants or prosthetic buttocks will help you achieve a few buttocks provided to your body shape and your tastes, obtaining an anatomic result with natural effect both to the touch as visually aesthetic.

What is Surgery Butt Implants?

The Buttock implant surgery is to reshape and reinforce the buttocks with the aim of outlining its shape, providing firmness and silhouette and enhance their natural beauty.

To improve the appearance of the buttocks, in our Cànons Clinics centers specializing in Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine, have implants tailored to your personal needs of various sizes and projections with all health records of the European Community to the touch like consistency gluteal muscles.

The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia or regional. Through a small incision of approximately about 4 inches at the level of the buttocks, it opens a channel through which your surgeon will place implants behind the buttocks gluteal muscles. The scars are hidden between the natural folds.

The procedure usually requires about 1 hour and, in more complex cases almost two hours.

You can return to your home at 6 hours after the surgery is complete, approximately. In some cases, is required to remain in the clinic for 24 hours.

Immediately after surgery will place a piece of acupressure as to keep the implants in place established thus preventing moving and minimize the maximum postoperative hematomas.

Who is the ideal candidate to undergo Surgery Butt Implants?

Women or men who want more volume in the buttocks and that although they are all day in the gym, training hard, hard, following rigorous exercise routines and not develop gluteal muscle mass. Even professional bodybuilders often have difficulties in developing its gluteus proportion to the rest of your body.

It is in these cases when the implants or gluteal prosthesis can help to get some buttocks provided to your tastes and your body shape achieving a natural effect anatomical result with both touch and visually aesthetic.

What will return to normal?

During the first 48 hours, you will feel tired. However, this easily gives discomfort with analgesic and antiinflammatory agents, which are prescribed by a surgeon after the operation.

Pressure therapy will wear a garment for a few days. The stitches will be removed in about 10 days, but the swelling may last about 4-8 weeks or so.

It is difficult to determine exactly how many days you’ll recover completely. Normally, you can merge your normal life after 48h. intervention, although not indicated the practice of sport in the period of approximately one month.

How do I have to plan Surgery Butt Implants?

The doctor will give you instructions on how to prepare for surgery, including guidelines to keep on shooting or suppressing medications, vitamins, iron supplements, food, liquid and snuff.

Make sure also that a family member or companion can take you home when you are to be discharged and, if necessary, can help a few days.

What precautions should I take?

In order to limit the risk of bleeding and bruising have to avoid taking in the 7 days before the procedure antiplatelet drugs such as aspirin, dipyridamole, ticlopidine… as well as in the 3 days prior to taking NSAIDs like Ibuprofen antiplatelet effect, Diclofenac, indomethacin, piroxicam, naproxen…

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