simulador-3D-cirugia-plastica-Cànons Clinics

The 3D simulation is an important technological support in the management of any plastic surgery procedure. Allows the patient to be actually involved in the choice of the volume and the type of implant, which provides a better affinity between the outcome and the desired result.

Facial Treatments

We know that it is not easy to take the step when deciding if perform you any of the treatments of plastic surgery that we do in our clinics. To facilitate this decision have created Crisalix, a program that simulates 3D will your image after the intervention to give you an idea, always approximate, what will be the result.





Corporal Treatments

Don’t let anything to the improvisation! Crisalix is the program that will allow you to have a reference of what will be the result after a body plastic operation. In this way, you can decide the form or extent of the implates to the surgeon you placed in the operating room.