The perineoplastia is a surgical intervention to restore elasticity and functionality of the perineum, the area between the entrance to the vagina and anus. When this area is young has an appearance elastic and smooth. However, pregnancy, after 9 months of supporting a higher than usual weight, occurs in a distension of the pelvic musculature. Loss of tone can cause loss of urine or hinder the satisfactory sexual intercourse.

This problem is accentuated in childbirth. If in addition, childbirth is difficult, it is possible that the gynaecologist decides to perform an episiotomy, a cut in the skin and perineal muscles to facilitate the exit.

While there are exercise for toning the muscles in this area, in many cases doesn’t work why is dysfunctional. In these cases, a surgical correction is required

What is the perineum?

The perineum is the portion of tissue that goes from the vagina to the anus. When this area is young usually have “V”-shaped and has an elastic and smooth appearance. With age and deliveries, perineal musculature is losing tone and elasticity, becomes perineum have a “V” to acquire a morphology in “U” shape, distorting their appearance and functionality, causing functional problems and annoyances, especially during sexual intercourse. If an episiotomy is practiced during childbirth can aggravate the situation.

The perineoplasty allows return to close the musculature of the perineum, returning you so the tension and the tone that you allow recover the function original of this area.

What is it?

The perineoplasty is a simple intervention, which is usually done under local anesthesia. It is to tighten the muscles of the perineum, thus restoring its elasticity and functionality.

In the case of those women who have a major expansion, are performed a narrowing of the outer third of the vagina, improving satisfaction in their relationships.

Who is a good candidate to undergo the operation?

A good candidate is any woman who suffers a laxity of the perineum that leaves too exposed vagina; What can cause sensitivity, incontinence, infections and discomfort during sex.

What will be the results?

After the surgery, recovers the dimension, shape and functionality of the perineum.

What will the recovery look like?

In the postoperative period, it is necessary to make a rest during the first week, after which the patient can be incorporated into the activities of their daily lives.

Keep clean and dry, making cures with betadine vaginal for 2 weeks.

Avoid sexual intercourse the first month after surgery, as well as great efforts and exercise.