the personalized Genomics cosmetics, a new discipline that interprets the data of the own DNA to produce the most appropriate cosmetic for each skin from a simple saliva test. It is an exclusive cosmetic-genomic program who performs our DNA to design the most effective cosmetic for our skin.

How this cosmetic medicine treatment work?

Using a simple saliva extraction (carried out at the facilities of our clinics of aesthetic), processed along with the clinical history of the patient in a unique DNA bioinformatics platform. From the analysis, gets a thorough genetic report skin anti-aging and cosmetic treatment necessary to mitigate the “defects”, our genetic fingerprint.

What products include the cosmetogenómico treatment?
  • GEN PEEL. Microexfoliant Progressive Cream: a progressive microexfoliant cream which favours the natural renewal of the skin and improves its appearance, recovering the luminance and homogeneity of the face as well as providing sustained hydration.
  • GEN ELIXIR. Intensive cosmetic-genomic Serum: an intensive serum, in which an average of 65 th active pure cosmetics is concentrated. It modulates the activity and expression of genetic markers analysed, moisturizes and enhances the immediate tensor effect.
  • GEN SINERGY. Protective and Moisturising Cream: moisturizing and protective cream which promotes the penetration and effectiveness of personalized treatment.
Why is the ultimate anti-aging treatment?

This personalized technique is the only cosmetic program that takes into account the study of the genes of each person to custom design a specific cosmetic procedure for each. Our DNA never changes.

It will only be for me?

Yes. In the same way that every skin is different, each program is also, adapted to each person’s genetic profile.

Can everyone be done this genetic analysis?

Yes. It’s a simple analysis of a sample of saliva. For this reason, it can be performed by both men and women, regardless of age.

Do cosmetic method can change my DNA?

No, DNA cannot be changed. This treatment of facial aesthetic medicine acts maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses in the genetic profile.

What are the prior preparationsf or the analytics?

You must not eat, drink, or smoke during the 30 minutes prior to the extraction of the saliva sample.

When it takes to get the results of the analytical?

Delivery of the results and the custom product is approximately 4 weeks from receipt of samples of saliva in the laboratory.

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